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Let’s face it, Small Business is in trouble and many are on the verge of shutting down.

We can help save many of them if they open up sales channels to the Entire US.

That is only part of what we do!

Your Opportunity

Renting 360° Virtual Stores with the Actual Store Interiors can be the game changer in your life..

Being at the right place at the right time is a big piece of the puzzle!

It’s no secret small retail stores are struggling to keep their doors open and we are seeking partners to help them become profitable again.

We developed a unique program to help small businesses solve cash flow problems, eliminate old or overstocked inventory, and attract new customers with a new 360° interactive marketplace.

Where most marketing programs fall short, we provide targeted ad campaigns where all merchants contribute to an advertising fund that benefits everyone.

Some of the technological advancements we’ll provide include instant video chat for sales and support from their own staff that increase conversions and reduce returns.

We seek sales professionals and just ordinary people with the drive ready to pivot into a new career that is recession-proof.

Our business model is to build a local sales force that will be more of a business opportunity than a sales job.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What equipment do I need?

We will need a one-time 360 snapshot of the interior but you will not need to buy a camera or anything else initally.  The infospots (images/videos that pop-up when clicked) are then handled remotely from your end. We can arrange to get a 360-camera operator to your location and instruct them what to do instead of going through the expense of purchasing one until you are ready (about $299 at Best Buy). Keep in mind that your $150 commission for this tasks will be passed on to the freelancer with the 360 camera that takes the images.

Can this 360° marketplace be embedded in any website?

Yes, you can share the presentation in several ways including HTML code (that will be sent to you), a simple URL, etc.

Will they be able to use the 360 content on other advertising material?

Yes, In fact, we encourage you to use the 360 content on your social media posts to grab attention. We will generate your ads from the footage as well and you are also free to share anywhere you like.

How long does it take to get paid?

You will be paid your commission every month that the client pays (within 48 hours) so it is in your best interest to keep an open line of communication with them. If you have 100 accounts at $42.25, that’s $4225 every month, move the needle to 500 and that’s $21,125 a month. You can build a team to help expand your operation since there is no earnings cap.

What does the merchant have to do?

We are simply marketing their inventory at their location. They will Provide Inventory, Special Offers, Fulfillment, and Online Support for Customers.

What Is a Dark Store?

In short, a dark store is a brick-and-mortar store that has been repurposed to fulfill online orders in either the short term or long term, a new retail business model that began gaining traction at the start of the pandemic.

The commission structure is 25% and is paid monthly as long as the agent and the member remain active so you keep getting paid over and over for a single sale. The commission for the 360° is 50% starting at $300 per rooftop.

All you have to do is keep your clients happy and we provide all the tasks on the technical, creative, and marketing side.

Real estate agents and media sales reps would be an excellent fit for this position but so would anyone with good work ethics.

It would be very doable to generate a large book of business in a short amount of time, with each account paying a minimum base rate of $41.50 a month of recurring income.

The setup fee which includes (3) 360° interior shots of the store pays a minimum of $150 to the 360 operator.

Additional income can be accomplished with a list of upsells that we will offer like additional infospots/hotspots, dedicated marketing campaigns, website/sales funnel development, video commercials, and much more.

This will lead to a very lucrative opportunity for anyone with just a little ambition.

You will be considered a 1099 sub-contractor, and responsibilities will include collecting sales materials for the following month.

You will need a 360° camera that you can get brand new at BestBuy for $299 (Theta SC2) and an inexpensive tripod ($20). The content needed for the products/merchandise can be done with a phone.

This activity will take less than 30 minutes a month (taking pictures and short video clips with a smartphone) of merchandise for marketing the special offers on their 360 marketplaces. 

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