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Rent A Virtual Store With Your Actual Store Interior, Branding, and Merchandise

includes a 360° Marketplace with 5 infospots and 3 hotspots along with unlimited video chat.

CLUB Membership that delivers 7 High-Impact Social Media Creatives every 30 days.

$300 Set-up and $296 per month.

Marketing Options

ADD $200 A MONTH for local foot traffic that is heavily promoted in a 25-mile radius of your physical location.



Every month we will change out your special offers to keep engagement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, You will need a one-time 360 snapshot of the interior to get a tour of your facility, the infospots (images/videos) are then handled remotely on our end. We can arrange to get a 360-camera operator to your location and instruct them what to do instead of going through the expense of purchasing one (about $299 at Best Buy). Depending on your tour size, expect the cost (basic) to be in the $300 range for this process. If you provide the 360 image, our setup fee starts at $99.

Can I embed this 360 marketplace into my current website?

Yes, you can share your presentation in several ways including HTML code (that will be sent to you), a simple URL, etc.

What is the turnaround time from when 360 is shot to placement on my site?

The 360 presentations will be available usually the same day (24 hours max). As a member of “THE CLUB“, you will receive your video ads for all 5  which will arrive for you to download within 72 hours.

Can I shoot footage of my products for the Infospots?

Yes, you can take your own photos and video clips without any special skills and send them to us via email, we have an in-house studio for editing/cropping, etc.

Will I be able to use the 360 content on other advertising material?

Yes, In fact, we encourage you to use the 360 content on your social media posts to grab attention. We will generate your ads from the footage as well and you are also free to share anywhere you like.

How long does it take to get paid?

No products will leave your facility without being paid for first. Depending on the structure, if we collect the funds it could take up to 3 days for settlements.

What does the merchant have to do?

360° Image(s) of Your Interior, Provide Inventory, Special Offers, Fulfillment, and Online Support for Customers.

This is an application to join our Private Network.

This is an application to join the 360° Shopping Network. All of our members are vetted to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Your first-month fee is $596.00 which includes a one-time set-up fee of $300.00 (basic level) and first-month membership of $296.00 that will be due upon acceptance.

We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.

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