Attention Landlords

Keep Tenants By Adding A 360 Virtual Marketplace Program To Your Property

From small strip centers to full-blown shopping malls, tenants of all sizes are struggling to survive right now.

Your property will be the innovative force to an online virtual marketplace to keep them in business.

Their Virtual Store will have its Actual Store Interior, Branding, and Merchandise with the ability to talk face-to-face with customers and accept payment on the spot.

The Virtual Platform Can Be Named Under Your Brand.

 Help Your Tenants With Sales

Retailers have experienced up to a 70% higher conversion rate in virtual stores versus their regular e-commerce sites,

PLUS up to a 20% higher average order value.

Tenants Need Help Staying In Business Right Now, You Can Help!

We help retailers solve the gap between online and brick & mortar shopping using a virtual shopping platform.

New Technology Enhancements provide the ability to talk face-to-face with customers and accept payment instantly.

Very Affordable

Starting at $296 per month per tenant, $30 is allocated to a local Facebook ad!

“THE CLUB” Membership that delivers 7 High-Impact Social Media Creatives every 30 days.


$200 one-time setup fee and $200 a month will get your products in front of buyers in a 25-mile radius!



$600 one-time setup fee and $600 a month will get your products in front of buyers across the US!

Everyone Contributes to the ADVERTISING KITTY So Everyone Gets Targeted Traffic That MATTERS!

To flourish in downturns, you have to be innovative and create a strong top-of-mind awareness for your brand while your competition freezes up.

Consumers are seeking deals plain and simple.

You NEED to structure Great Offers for your marketing to work right now even if it means promoting loss leaders at first.

It is imperative to get a flow of fresh customers to your website in these times.

Liquidate Stagnant Inventory and Obtain New Customers.

Use this as an opportunity to keep existing customers coming back and attract new ones as competitors close down.

The Key to survival in slow economic times is to offer irresistible deals and get shoppers to keep returning with new offers, coupons, and other incentives.

It all starts with content to get noticed in a noisey marketplace.

Based on your special offers, we'll create short video ads to grab attention on social media newsfeeds.

Customers aged 18-34 are 130% more likely to visit if there’s a virtual tour!

Apply For Our Private Program

We provide a safe and secure environment for both our merchants and shoppers. 

We will only approve vetted merchants on our marketplace.

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