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Our 360° Rich Media AI Marketplace is designed to help solve cash flow problems, eliminate old or overstocked inventory, and attract more customers with New Technologies that are available today!

We provide targeted traffic to build YOUR BRAND on OUR NETWORK.

We produce and distribute 360 VR Tours with LIVE customer support, creative content for posts and ad campaigns, infospots, hotspots, custom order forms to make sales instantly, push notifications, and AI technology all designed to do the hardest part of running a small business these days…

Customer Acquisitions!

The survival plan is to acquire new customers on the cheap and keep the existing ones returning repeatedly.


Everything You Need To Succeed Is Here

With shoplifting issues, rising rent prices, staffing problems, and everything else going on these days, it’s time for retailers to get profitable again.

We provide a platform to reach higher levels of business without creating more employment issues or adding more locations utilizing AI tools.

Our advanced ecosystem confidently employs state-of-the-art technology and strategically targeted traffic sources from top platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. This allows every merchant to reap the benefits of a shared ad fund.

Creating an engaging 360 shopping experience for your store is easier than you think and more engaging to consumers than you may realize.

You can use our 360 shopping platform to bring people to your store or showroom virtually and make your brand come alive in a whole new way.

What’s Trending These Days

As we move further into 2023, retailers continue to adapt to the increased digital appetite of consumers.

Customers are more confident about buying products and services if the shopping experience is enhanced and entertaining.

Online sales have skyrocketed, and the shift is speeding up faster than predicted because of situations retailers are faced with today.

Omnichannel marketing is traversing the gap between online and offline shopping.

The Future is Now

Engage Customers Through Modern Channels

AR shopping – 66% of buyers want it, and just 1% of sellers offer it. Stand out from the crowd and win big, from happier customers to higher sales.

Your customers are increasingly using apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, chat, chatbots, ChatGPT, LIVE video chat, voice-controlled digital assistants, smart wearables, and various Internet of Things devices.

Small businesses that are not connecting with them through these new channels are not keeping up with the times and will become instinct.

Many will be going out of business soon, they just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

Now you can LIVE VIDEO CHAT with up to 10 customers at once in your Virtual Store.

Plus offering instant LIVE support is a HUGE ADVANTAGE over the competition in any type of business resulting in fewer returns.


360 ° Video Ads Draw Attention

The first thing to address in today’s crowded landscape is grabbing attention.

The biggest hurdle for small businesses is getting in front of consumers that matter to your specific products/services.

So when you do, make it count!

Consumers are seeking deals plain and simple.

You NEED Great offers for your marketing to work right now even if it means promoting a single loss leader or five with a dedicated sales page/funnel.

Most small business owners go broke just trying to get the consumer to look their way,  so you should always have a special offer ready for them. 

The goal is to get them as a customer and build from there with a CRM to deliver coupons, newsletters, social media, special offers, etc, get the picture?

While some people don’t want to be emailed, we provide other ways of communication like push notifications to a smartphone.

But again, no matter how good your product, service, or sales process is, the rest of the path stops if you are not getting engagement on your creatives. 

With that being addressed, our content creators provide (5) 14-second video ads and (2) static images every month as part of your membership.

Fresh Video Content For Ads and Posts

In-house and Community Content

sale associate of the month


we’ll randomly “LIKE and SHARE” your posts on our network of over 100K followers free of charge.

Followers on Social Media Channels

Followers on Facebook Sales Pages


We Provide Rich Media, Targeted Audiences, and Co-op Advertising 

Rich Media

Rich media refers to interactive and engaging digital advertising content that goes beyond static images or text. It incorporates elements like videos, animations, audio, and interactive features to captivate users and deliver a more immersive experience. Rich media ads can be deployed on various online platforms, providing advertisers with a dynamic and visually appealing way to communicate their messages and boost audience engagement.

Targeted Audiences

Targeted audiences are specific groups of individuals or demographics that advertisers aim to reach with their marketing campaigns. Through data analysis and advanced technologies, advertisers can identify and segment audiences based on various factors, such as age, gender, location, interests, online behavior, and more. By tailoring their messages to suit the preferences and needs of these targeted audiences, advertisers can achieve higher relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness in their advertising efforts.

Co-op Advertising

Co-op advertising, short for cooperative advertising, is a marketing strategy in which two or more parties, collaborate to promote products or services. In our program, all parties share the costs and responsibilities of creating and running advertising campaigns for the platform. Co-op advertising can strengthen brand awareness, expand the reach of the products/services, and benefit everyone by pooling their resources and efforts for a more impactful marketing presence at a fraction of the cost of conventional single-entity marketing.

What we provide

First, we need to capture a 360° panorama image(s) of the interior of your shop.

We’ll develop a 360° marketplace that can be displayed where ever you want including your existing website.

Next, (this is a critical part) pick 3-5 products for your infospots with special offers to get new customers and keep existing ones.

We’ll create rich media content for the products with special offers that we will use in ad campaigns and social media posts to get new customers since almost everyone is seeking deals these days (INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP).

You have 3 options to promote your offers, on your own, in a 25-mile radius of your location, or on a national level.






What you provide

Merchandise to Sell, up to 5 Special Offers every month (with images/video clips/descriptions of each product),

Online Support for Customers and Fulfilment of Orders.

Learn More


Times have changed and So Have Consumer Buying Habits.

Checkout how it works without having to hear a sales pitch,

Scan the QR Codes and Place the Items in YOUR SPACE!

Check out the New Technologies Coming Soon!


We utilize technology including ChatGPT to get you the best results

Our program is designed to acquire new customers that you can continue selling to and build a larger customer base for your brand.

One size doesn’t fit all these days, we provide different packages for different applications and circumstances.

We’ll also consider different types of marketing arrangments depending on types of products, condition, and amount of inventory.

1 – Base Program

Includes Everything you need to Succeed

   Modernize your web presence with 360 interior tours of your actual store (up to 5 HIGHLIGHTED Products and 3 Areas/Rooms).

Monthly content creation service (you must have engaging content to post on Social Media).

Dedicated sales page with a custom order form with checkout that integrates with your CRM (customer relationship management).

Unlimited live video chat for instant sales, and customer support.

Random “Like and Sharing” of your content on our 100K social media network including 12,000 followers on a Facebook Sales page.

2 – For Localized Marketing

is a hybrid marketing program. the goal is to get local foot traffic within a 25-mile radius of your location.

Setup Cost starts at $2500 – Monthly Contribution starts at $500 Per Rooftop for on/offline Marketing (you can add additional marketing to just your brand).

Also available as a white-label program for your own brand.

3 – CO-OP Omni-Channel National Marketing Program

We offer a nationally advertised platform to expand reach across the USA.

Marketing on a National Level that leverages Networking with other businesses will reduce Ad costs.

This model allows everyone on the platform to benefit since everyone is contributing to ad campaigns that send consumers to the platform.

Our MetaMall Facebook page also has over 12,000 followers to place your products on.

Setup Cost starts at $2500 – Monthly Contribution starts at $1200, (you can add additional marketing to just your brand).

Expand your Footprint Across The USA with TARGETED AD CAMPAIGNS on the best-performing platforms.

Optional: Full Store tours along with Full E-commerce capabilities with unlimited products.

Also available as a white-label program for your own brand.

Apply For Our Private Program

We provide a safe and secure environment for both our merchants and shoppers. 

We will only approve vetted merchants on our marketplace.

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