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Rich Media, Targeted Audiences, and Co-op Advertising 

Drive customers to an immersive 360° shopping experience 24/7

Our 360° Rich Media Marketplace is designed to help solve cash flow problems, eliminate old or overstocked inventory, and attract more customers with New Technology available today!

With shoplifting issues, rising rent prices, staffing problems, and everything else going on these days, it’s time for retailers to get profitable again.

We provide a platform to reach higher levels of business without creating more employment issues or adding more locations.

Creating an engaging 360 shopping experience for your store is easier than you think.

You can use our 360 shopping platform to bring people to your store or showroom virtually and make your brand come alive in a whole new way.


A new era of technological advancements and opportunity has arrived.

We help retailers and brands evolve shopping experiences into more than just static 2D images and local foot traffic.

We produce and distribute 360 VR Tours with LIVE customer support, creative content, info spots, hot spots, and custom order forms to do the hardest part of running a business these days… Customer Acquisitions!

What’s Trending These Days

As we move further into 2023, retailers continue to adapt to the increased digital appetite of consumers.

Customers are more confident about buying products and services if the shopping experience is enhanced and entertaining.

Online sales have skyrocketed, and the shift is speeding up faster than predicted because of situations retailers are faced with today.

Omnichannel marketing is traversing the gap between online and offline shopping.

Now you can LIVE VIDEO CHAT with up to 10 customers at once in your Virtual Store.

Plus offering instant LIVE support is a HUGE ADVANTAGE over the competition in any type of business with fewer returns.

The first thing to address in today’s crowded landscape is grabbing attention to even get the consumer to look your way. 

No matter how good your product, service, or sales process is, if you are not getting noticed on social media the rest of the path stops. 

With that being said, our content creators provide (5) 14-second video ads and (2) static images every month as part of your membership.


we’ll randomly “LIKE and SHARE” your posts on our network of over 100K followers free of charge.

Followers on Social Media Channels

Followers on Facebook Sales Pages

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We Create A Safer More Profitable Environment

With New Technology Enhancements

With everything going on in the world these days, maybe there’s a better way to run your business.

What Is a Dark Store?

In short, a dark store is a brick-and-mortar store that has been repurposed to fulfill online orders (some even use them as a pickup/exchange station during certain times) in either the short term or long term, a new retail business model that began gaining traction at the start of the pandemic.

We Provide Tools to Eliminate Undesirable Situations like Theft, Robbery, and Scams with Our Real Time LIVE Video Chat and Instant Purchase System.

Payments are sent directly to your PayPal – Stripe account.

Here is a WIKI Page on Dark Stores.

With a few little adjustments,  you can turn your location into a Dark Store

Ready to expand your customer base without more headaches?

Times have changed and So Have Consumer Buying Habits.

We Are Entering A New World Of Shopping!

Checkout how it works without having to hear a sales pitch,

To flourish in downturns, you have to be innovative and create a strong top-of-mind awareness for your brand while your competition freezes up.

Consumers are seeking deals plain and simple.

You NEED to structure Great Offers for your marketing to work right now even if it means promoting loss leaders at first.

It is imperative to get a flow of fresh customers to your website in these times.

Liquidate Stagnant Inventory and Obtain New Customers

Use this as an opportunity to keep existing customers coming back and attract new ones as competitors close down.

The Key to survival in slow economic times is to offer irresistible deals and get shoppers to keep returning with new offers, coupons, and other incentives.

It all starts with content to get noticed in a noisey marketplace.

Based on your special offers, we’ll create short video ads to grab attention on social media newsfeeds.

Customers aged 18-34 are 130% more likely to visit if there’s a virtual tour!


Live Connectivity

We provide LIVE Video chat that will allow your sales associates to assist shoppers and sell more products on our 360 shopping platform.

By clicking on the chat widget on the top right of your 360°, shoppers can connect with sales associates who can answer product questions and provide instant support to INCREASE CONVERSIONS and REDUCE RETURNS!

Your sales associates can work from anywhere since the LIVE video chat is available on mobile devices.

Increase Sales Instantly

Virtual stores creatively showcase product inventory and drive engagement with targeted ad campaigns.

Retailers have experienced up to a 70% higher conversion rate in virtual stores vs. their regular e-commerce sites, and up to a 20% higher average order value.

Shopping Habits Have Changed

The 360 Shopping Platform is an innovative online virtual marketplace that will bring together the popular aspects of physical shopping with the ease and comfort of online shopping.


First, we need a 360° panorama image(s) of the interior of your shop.

We’ll develop a 360° marketplace that can be displayed where you want including your website.

Next, (this is a critical part) pick 3-5 products for your infospots with special offers to get new customers and keep existing ones.

We’ll create rich media content (INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP) to post the offers all over the internet and get a larger customer base for your business.

So, If you’re ready to expand without more headaches, Now is the Time!

What you provide

360° Image(s) of Your Interior, Merchandise to Sell, Special Offers (with images/descriptions), Fulfillment, and Online Support for Customers.

What we provide






Our program is designed to acquire new customers that you can continue selling to and build a larger customer base for your brand.

We are here to help to help you succeed in these trying times, you are welcome to send the customers to your own website as well.

One size doesn’t fit all these days, we provide different packages for different applications and circumstances.

We consider different types of marketing arrangments depending on types of products, condition, and amount of inventory.

1 – Basic Program

Modernize your web presence with 360 interior tours of your actual store, which includes monthly content creation service (you must have engaging content to post on Social Media!), unlimited live video chat, random like, and sharing of your content on our 100K social media network including 12,000 followers on a Facebook Sales page. You are free to market on your own with no limitations.

White Labeling provided Free of Charge

Setup Cost starting at $300 – Monthly Cost $196

2 – For Landlords, Property Owners/Management Companies

Everything from above plus more, is designed to keep your tenants in place with a hybrid marketing program. You can use our Shopn LIVE brand or your own brand with our white-label program. Either way, the goal is to get local foot traffic that is heavily promoted in a 25-mile radius of your physical location.

Your tenants will not be moving out when you are actually sending customers their way! 

Setup Cost starts at $300 – Monthly Cost is $196 Per Rooftop Plus Ad Fund for Marketing in a 25 Mile Radius of your location.

3 – CO-OP Omni-Channel Marketing Program

We offer a nationally advertised platform to expand a small business’s reach rather than relying on just local foot traffic.

Complete with a Custom 360 Sales Page (up to 5 HIGHLIGHTED products and 3 Areas/Rooms), Shopping Cart, and Marketing on a National Level that leverages Networking with other business owners. This model allows everyone on the platform to benefit since everyone is contributing to ad campaigns that send consumers to the platform.

Our NexShop Facebook page has over 12,000 followers to place your products on.

Setup Cost starts at $600 – Monthly Cost $796, Expands Your Footprint Across The USA with TARGETED AD CAMPAIGNS.

Optional: Full Store tours along with Full E-commerce capabilities with unlimited products.

4 – Closeouts, Liquidations, Auctions

Coming Soon: We’ll provide a liquidation service for banks, distribution centers, and manufacturers with inventory that needs to be liquidated on location (saves costs). As financial experts predict the grim economic forecast, this will be a much-needed service.

We will provide different options for this program based on several factors like condition, amount, and location of inventory.

This inventory will be marketed to other businesses and consumers seeking deals that will be much better than selling in bulk to a third party for pennies on the dollar.

The protocol will be a 360 with “Infospots” that will be video clips and/or images of the inventory with LIVE Video Chat.

Shipping Terms will be customized to each physical location.

We do not take possession of the inventory unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Apply For Our Private Program

We provide a safe and secure environment for both our merchants and shoppers. 

We will only approve vetted merchants on our marketplace.

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